Age Audit Tool


Acas has developed this Age Audit Tool with the support of Coventry University.

The tool is designed to enable organisations to assess their employees' attitudes towards age and age related issues in their workplace.

The results presented by the tool will help you, the employer, make better and more informed business decisions.

The tool can help you address key themes such as; the perception of age in your workplace, the recruitment and retention of older workers, training and succession planning and opportunities for advancement.

Age is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. That means it is generally unlawful to treat someone worse because of age in the workplace unless an employer can justify it*. Acas advice is to treat all employees fairly and objectively and to avoid making judgements based on assumptions and stereotypes.

Fairness at work and good job performance go hand in hand. Tackling discrimination helps to attract, motivate and retain staff and enhances your reputation as an employer. Eliminating discrimination helps everyone to have an equal opportunity to work and to develop their skills. Getting fairness at work right can also help reduce the risk of claims against you going to Employment Tribunal.