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Don't manage absence. Manage ATTENDANCE


This event covers both managing long and short-term sickness and tries to uncover the real reasons why people are absent from work.

The event will help you develop an action plan based upon having the ‘difficult conversation’ with an employee when they return to work, looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees and developing an overall approach to absence by linking attendance to job design, good employment relations, health and safety, flexible working and effective disciplinary procedures.

Business need

For many employees work means a lot more than just their wage. Studies show that work is generally good for health and prolonged sickness absence can produce its own set of problems: isolation, de-skilling, loss of confidence, mental health issues and social exclusion.

Keeping people at work and helping them get back to work as soon as possible can help maintain an employee’s health and wellbeing and improve organisational effectiveness. Managing sickness absence can be a challenge for many employers. Why is someone off? When will they come back? Is there anything I can do to help?

Note: Delegates who would welcome the chance to discuss and understand the practical application of Attendance Management will find this course of particular benefit.

Suitable For

HR and personnel professionals, line-managers, head of department, team leaders and supervisors.


Absence: facts and figures
Why are people absent from work?
What does absence cost you?
Patterns of absence
Why analyse absence?
Setting ‘triggers’

One to one management skills
Having difficult conversations
What is the purpose of a return to work discussion?
The ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’
How do I prepare for a return to work discussion?
Developing an overall approach
What should an absence policy look like?
Getting help
Common features of an absence policy

Looking after your employees
How important is the health and wellbeing of my employees?
How can I increase the commitment of my employees?
How can I help my employees achieve a good work-life balance?
Legal issues

Employees and sickness
Short-term sickness
What can I do if a pattern of short-term sickness emerges?
Long-term sickness
How do you deal with long-term sickness?
Can I dismiss an employee while on long-term sickness?
How can I help an employee return to work after a long absence?
What can I do about stress and mental health problems?

Employees and unauthorised absence
Attendance payments

This training event is nearly fully booked and has been taken offline to avoid overbooking. Please contact Acas on 0300 123 1150 about availability of places

Venue Holiday Inn - Colchester   Map (opens in new window)   Date 25/01/2017    Time 10:00 - 16:00   
Price £170.00 per person    Please note our training events are VAT exempt