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An investigations whodunnit event


This realistic scenario based event presents a situation requiring investigation; and provides hands on experience of practical and effective techniques for conducting and completing an investigation.

Business need

Very little guidance is written about the investigation process and managers seldom have an opportunity to observe an actual investigation to find out how they should be conducted.

This course requires delegates to collect and analyse evidence from witness statements, it covers the key techniques and the knowledge and understanding to put evidence into context, allowing delegates to come up with reasonable conclusions and recommendations based on the balance of probabilities.

Different organisations have different requirements for investigations and generally a larger organisation will carry out a more in depth investigation than a small business would do. This one day event shows the basics based on an allegation of theft in a small business. At various stages of the event there will be regular pauses for discussion and clarification before the exercise moves on. Whilst the scenario is based on a small business the key principles and considerations are relevant to all employers.

This is an intensive day where delegates will be faced with confusing and conflicting information which they are required to analyse and determine findings from. Delegates will come away with the paperwork of a complete investigation including a final report. They will develop a deeper understanding of the requirements and will learn key skills in the investigation processes, such as analysis and report writing.

Suitable For

Anyone responsible for conducting workplace investigations, disciplinary hearings or appeals - or anyone else wishing to gain a better understanding of the investigation process.

This event focuses on analysing and evidence weighting requirements in a small business and builds on the knowledge and understanding learned at Acas “discipline and grievance" training events. We assume that delegates already have knowledge of the law and best practice on how to conduct a fair disciplinary process. Those with no prior knowledge in this area may first wish to attend an Acas "discipline and grievance" or “conducting investigations” training event.


  • Introduction to the situation and agreeing the terms of reference of the investigator
  • Information which should be provided at the beginning and conclusions of witness interviews
  • Witness statements and tools for analysing witness evidence
  • How to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on available evidence and present them in a report

Venue Acas Training Suite, Leeds City Centre   Map (opens in new window)   Date 26/02/2018    Time 09:30 - 16:30   
Price £245.00 per person    Please note our training events are VAT exempt
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* Max of 4 delegates per organisation. Please call Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email if numbers exceed this or for more details about the training session.