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Contracts of Employment - How to get it right


This course provides detailed guidance on how to create, agree, vary or terminate employment contracts.

Business need

If you are creating a new position or taking on a new member of staff, ensuring you get the contract exactly right can make the world of difference to both your organisation and your employee. By law all workers are required to be given Terms and Conditions of employment (written statements). Many Employment Tribunal claims arise from poorly drawn up contracts in which terms are not documented properly. Similar scenarios arise from altering or terminating contracts without following proper procedures.

Find out what makes an agreement binding and what an employee is legally entitled to. Gain an understanding of different types of contracts, how to avoid loopholes and communicate policies and procedures that support contracts you’ve written.

Suitable For

Managing Directors, CEOs, board members, team leaders, heads of department, HR professionals and managers with responsibility for preparing, changing or ending contracts – as well as those who oversee adherence to contracts.


  • What an employment contract consists of
  • Employee entitlements
  • Different types of contracts and what makes them binding
  • Illegal contracts
  • Terms & Conditions of employment (the written statement)
  • Policies to support your contract
  • Absence and pay, disciplinary and grievance procedures, collective agreements, pension arrangements and restrictive covenants
  • Altering the terms of a contract
  • Lay off and short time working
  • Terminating a contract
  • Notice and payment entitlements

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Acas offers comprehensive, authoritative and affordable training you can trust.

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I found this course really informative and useful. Very pleasant friendly advisor - the time just flew by. It was extremely useful to meet up with other people who had the same questions and concerns as myself - with the added benefit of other situations I had not thought of. The venue was also great and the informal but informative atmosphere was much appreciated - I did not feel at all overwhelmedDirector, Tool Suppliers.

Workplace training available:
If you have a larger group of staff to train Acas can also tailor training for delivery in your workplace. To find out more contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 1150. 

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