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Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for the Modern Workplace


Emotional intelligence and mindfulness are well respected ideas and concepts used extensively over the past few decades to help individuals, teams and organisations work more effectively at numerous levels.

This one day workshop will help develop a greater understanding of what emotional intelligence and mindfulness are all about, as well as how they fit at a personal, business and organisational level.

The session is led by Martin J. Smith PhD. Martin is a senior lecturer in psychotherapy at Nottingham Trent University and independent training consultant, specialising in the understanding and development of better individual and team workplace behaviour - and also a greater understanding of presenting personality types and attitudes.

He draws from both a deep understanding of the psychology of people but also past real management skills applied in large organisations at various levels.

An Acas senior adviser will also provide input on the implications for workplace procedures and good practice.

Business need

Making links with positive psychology, current coaching practices and ideas around improving resilience and overall coping skills, this programme will benefit managers and HR professionals at all levels of an organisation.

These concepts and ideas have been shown to help improve relationships, communication and overall vision and purpose in the modern workplace.

Suitable For

This programme is designed for managers, team leaders, supervisors and HR professionals at all levels of the organisation and will give greater understanding of the need to have people who are not only technically capable of doing their job but also emotionally capable of working within teams and organisations - for a purpose and a vision beyond just getting the job done at any cost.


  • Defining emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • The key components of emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • How EQ (Emotional Quotient) and mindfulness influence workplace behaviour at all levels
  • Functional applications for individuals - build your own profile linked to EQ
  • The benefits of EQ and mindfulness in the organisation
  • The implication of applying these concepts in the workplace for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole

Venue Acas Newcastle   Map (opens in new window)   Date 07/11/2017    Time 09:30 - 16:30   
Price £245.00 per person    Please note our training events are VAT exempt
To book now

* Max of 4 delegates per organisation. Please call Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email if numbers exceed this or for more details about the training session.