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Effective Absence Management


Learn practical management techniques to help improve attendance, and discover what the law says you can and cannot do when managing workplace absence. Understand the skills required to conduct successful Return to Work interviews and be able to plan and carry them out.

Business need

We will provide detail of good practices and discuss some of the key skills and techniques that can make managing absenteeism easier. Research indicates that carrying out Return to Work Interviews is the most effective measure employers can take to reduce absence levels. Failing to carry out Return to Work Interviews (or conducting them but getting them wrong) can cost business time and money and can also send out the wrong message to otherwise committed and engaged employees.

Benefits of attending:

Employee absenteeism puts significant strain on an organisation, in terms of costs, productivity and additional burden on colleagues. Balancing the health and welfare needs of staff with robust and fair procedures which ensure employees don’t take advantage of unclear policy is essential for the overall productivity of a workplace.

Strategies for reducing sickness absence assist the organisation as a whole and lead to improved motivation, reduced stress and healthier working teams. Being able to structure and conduct an effective return to work interview will increase confidence in the process as a whole.

Suitable For

HR professionals, line-managers, heads of department, team leaders and supervisors.

Note: Delegates who would welcome the chance to discuss and understand the practical aspects of absence management and the RTW process will find this course of particular benefit.


  • What is absenteeism and what causes it

  • Identifying patterns of short-term absence

  • Benefits of an absence policy

  • Line manager skills, consistency, communication and fairness

  • Statement of Fitness for Work (the fitnote). Are these binding? What can an employer do on receipt of a fitnote?

  • Absence management and the legal landscape: maternity issues; fit notes; unauthorised absence;

  • Dealing with short and long term sickness absence and setting triggers

  • How to manage long-term absence. Keeping in-touch and access to medical records

  • Identifying potential stress & mental health issues

  • Disability discrimination; reasonable adjustments; discipline and dismissal,– what you can and can’t do and what resources are available.

  • How to conduct a return to work interview including; planning & preparation, confidentiality, questioning techniques, facing the unexpected, agreeing actions and recording discussions.

Venue Royal Hotel Hull   Map (opens in new window)   Date 08/11/2017    Time 09:30 - 16:30   
Price £170.00 per person    Please note our training events are VAT exempt
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* Max of 4 delegates per organisation. Please call Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email if numbers exceed this or for more details about the training session.