About the Acas Model Workplace

The Acas Model Workplace will:

  • help you assess the effectiveness of people management in your organisation

  • give you practical guidance on setting up and maintaining good employment relations

  • connect you to useful resources.

Get Started

There are three ways to start using the Acas Model Workplace. You can:

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Register with Acas. This is free, quick and easy. It will allow you to save your answers and feedback to access whenever you need to. Or…

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How To Use

  • You can complete as few or as many modules as you like. It takes around 15 minutes to complete a module.
  • Each module contains 7-10 multiple choice questions about your current employment practices. Good practice guidance is available for every question.
  • After you’ve completed a module, you’ll be a given a rating of Happy Face, Regular Face or Sad Face, indicating how effective your current practices are in this area.
  • You’ll receive advice based on your rating, along with links to resources and assistance.
  • If you have registered with Acas, you can download PDFs of your answers and feedback for every completed module.

There are ten modules covering:

  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction
  • Pay and Reward
  • Performance Management
  • Flexible Working and Work-Life Balance
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Communication and Involvement
  • Employee Representation
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Managing Change
  • Key Performance Indicators in People Management