Using the Acas Model Workplace

  • You can complete as few or as many modules as you like. It takes around 15 minutes to complete a module.
  • Each module contains 7-10 multiple choice questions about your current employment practices. Good practice guidance is available for every question.
  • After you’ve completed a module, you’ll be a given a rating of Happy Face, Regular Face or Sad Face, indicating how effective your current practices are in this area.
  • You’ll receive advice based on your rating, along with links to resources and assistance.
  • If you have registered with Acas, you can download PDFs of your answers and feedback for every completed module.

Registering with Acas

Registering with Acas is free, quick and easy. It will allow you to save all of your Acas Model Workplace feedback to access whenever you need to. As a registered Acas user, you’ll also be able to book training courses and request updates on a wide range of Acas services.

You can use the Acas Model Workplace without registering. However, your answers and feedback will not be saved.

Clearing and updating your answers

Clicking on the Clear/Start Again tab deletes your answers and feedback for all modules.

You can change your answers to individual questions and modules either before or after submitting them. Simply select a different option in the ‘answers’ box. If you resubmit new answers to a completed module, your module feedback, downloadable PDF and My Results page will be updated to reflect this.

Technical Problems

If you experience any technical problems while using the Acas Model Workplace, email and we will get back to you.

Please note that the web team cannot answer questions about employment advice.